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Please use this form to submit your interest in joining the NTADR Practitioner Panel.

On submission, one of our friendly staff will reach out to you to confirm your application.  At this time we may request further information to substantiate matters highlighted in your application.

PART 1: Applicant Details
PART 2: Training & Experience
PART 3: NMAS Accreditation
A practitioner is provided with a unique identifier on the Register of Nationally Accredited Mediators. You may find your reference number on the National Register via the MSB website here.
PART 4: Professional Indemnity
We appreciate that in some circumstances an applicant may seek endorsement to join our panel prior to incurring the expense of professional indemnity insurance. On this basis you may submit this application without the details below completed; however, opportunities will not be offered until the appropriate coverage is obtained.
PART 5: Acknowledgements

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