Suggestions, Compliments and Complaints Policy

Northern Territory Alternative Dispute Resolution (or “NTADR”) encourages feedback from clients, members and stakeholders to help inform our services.  To assist us in responding to your feedback appropriately we have developed processes to receive, consider and manage suggestions, compliments and complaints.

NTADR is committed:

  • to actively listening, to asking questions respectfully and to responding appropriately in a timely manner
  • to documenting and maintaining accurate records of feedback
  • to applying clear procedures to ensure feedback is responded to fairly and consistently
  • to reflecting on feedback in order to learn and, as a result, to initiate appropriate responses that lead to improved services.
  • in relation to complaints:
    • to following the principles of natural justice and addressing complaints fairly
    • to maintaining confidentiality concerning the people involved, the content of the complaint and the process used to manage it, unless otherwise required by law
    • to keeping people informed of the progress of the complaint management process.

What you can expect from us

If you have a suggestion, compliment or complaint, NTADR would like to hear it.  We respectfully ask that feedback is provided using the online feedback form accessible through our website.

To ensure NTADR can provide meaningful responses to feedback we will address matters raised within 2 years of your experience of the service or with the practitioner.  This will ensure the information provided to us contains reasonable currency and accuracy.

If you have a suggestion, we will reach out to hear more from you as to why you believe this change may be important.  We will pass the suggestion to the relevant person(s).  Further, we will consider the benefits of your suggestion and whether it is appropriate, and possible for us to implement it.  We will ensure to provide feedback to you irrespective of the decision we make.

If you have a compliment, we will make sure it is provided to the relevant person(s).  We will reflect on your praise and do our best to continue doing whatever it is that you have complimented us on.  We will receive every compliment as an opportunity to learn and improve other parts of our service.

If you have a complaint about a NTADR service, we will ask for additional information before passing it on to the relevant person(s).  After referring to any relevant correspondence and other documentation, we will provide a response that may include an explanation, an apology and/ or an action to improve the situation or resolve it.

If you have a complaint about a Member (who may be a mediator, a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, a Restorative Practice Convenor, or other ADR professional), we will take notes to pass to the Complaints Manager.  The Manager may contact you to ascertain further clarity to your concerns.  The Manager will recommend the next steps to the company Directorship; which may include:

  • assessing the complaint as unsubstantiated resulting in no further action
  • providing you with information relevant to the complaint
  • referring you to another avenue for making the complaint
  • informing the Member about the complaint and requesting a response
  • recommending following one or other ADR processes to resolve the complaint
  • taking other step appropriate to the circumstances

NTADR values an inclusive feedback loop.  We will engage with you throughout the complaint management process to ensure you are kept informed of the progress, to provide any reasonable assistance and, as far as possible, to make sure that you are satisfied with the steps that NTADR has taken.

We will apply a clear internal process so that all complaints are dealt with in a fair, consistent and timely way.

Expected timeframes

Timeframes will vary depending on the nature and complexity of the complaint.  NTADR endeavours to resolve complaints within 6 weeks from the time the complaint is received.

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