We work ‘with’ communities, rather than doing things ‘to’ or ‘for’ them.  Our peacemaking initiatives are delivered as a partnership between NTADR and the community where we work together to find safe, empowering and sustainable solutions for peace.

What is community peacemaking?

Peacemaking builds on the existing social structures in communities and supports Elders and respected people to safely engage mediation, family group meetings and restorative justice processes.

The peacemaking process is built in consultation with the community through a consultation process.

How can community peacemaking help?

Peacemaking can be used to assist in the following situations:

  • community unrest
  • inter and intra-family violence
  • crime prevention and crime response
  • disputes with community service providers
  • issues of cultural payback

In all cases peacemaking can be an opportunity for the community to actively work through issues in a safe and respectful way.

How can community peacemaking be commenced?

We acknowledge and respect the process of local decision-making and as such we work with communities that invite us to become a partner.

When a community reaches out to us for assistance we actively engage to explore the peacemaking options before assisting the community to source appropriate funding.

Where is funding sought from?

As a registered charity we rely on the availability of grant funding and partnership opportunities with all levels of Government.

How to get started

Simply reach out to one of our friendly staff to discuss your needs on 1800 011 128.

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