We offer mediation for parenting and property matters.  Our trained mediators can assist you to discuss your concerns with the other person before helping you to explore opportunities for agreement.  This may be in the form of a structured parenting plan, or an agreement for the fair division of property.

Who can participate in the process?

Family dispute resolution is most thought of in the context of separating partners working towards developing understanding to effectively parent their children beyond separation; and as such, the participation of the following people may be appropriate:

  • the responsible parents
  • new supportive partners
  • grandparents / family with care responsibility
  • professional support people

We sometimes receive requests for children to participate in the process to share their own wishes for the future.  This can be a very healthy opportunity for inclusion and shared family decision-making.  All parties must agree on the participation of children in the process, including the mediator.

In all cases we will seek the assistance of a Child Consultant before making a final decision.

What does the process involve?

We appreciate the decision to reach out for assistance is often daunting.  NTADR aims to make the family dispute resolution process as easy as possible for people to navigate.  Generally, the process is as follows:

  • Contact NTADR to make an appointment.
  • NTADR makes invitation to all parties.
  • Participants engage in Preparatory Interviews.
  • NTADR conducts Assessment of Suitability.
  • Conference is organised and conducted.

What is the cost of Family Dispute Resolution?

We offer a flat rate for family dispute resolution at $660 (inc. GST) for the first mediation session.  If you require follow-on sessions, these will be charged at $440 (inc. GST) each.

In general participants are responsible for equal share of the fee.

We understand that at times people may be unable to meet the scheduled costs; we invite you to talk with your facilitator about making an application to the Chief Executive Officer for a reduction in fees.

How do I arrange Family Dispute Resolution?

To find out more or to arrange an appointment to discuss your concerns, please phone 1800 011 128.

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