We offer facilitative mediation to assist in the early resolution of workplace disputes.  Our trained mediators are available to talk with you to understand your concerns and develop a workable approach to addressing the difficult situation.

What is the difference between mediation and facilitation?

Mediation usually involves disputes between individuals, or an individual and an organisation.

In contrast, facilitation usually involves large-scale disputes with several parties, an organisation, a department or an entire community.

Facilitation can also help manage a situation to prevent future disputes. Organisations may use facilitation if they’re discussing major changes and need a neutral facilitator to guide the discussion.  A good example is the chairing of an Annual General Meeting.

Find out more about facilitation here.

When is workplace mediation suitable?

Mediation may be used in the workplace to manage a wide range of conflict dynamics.  These include:

  • environmental disputes involving government authorities, conservationists and industry representatives
  • workplace planning
  • meetings between agencies
  • policy consultations between the government and community or special-interest groups.

What are the costs of a workplace mediation?

The cost of workplace mediation can vary greatly depending on the conflict situation and the number of people involved.  NTADR provides services at a fee that is often lower than government providers.  In most cases we are also less expensive than employee assistance providers.

We invite you to contact our office on 1800 011 128 to discuss your needs.

How do I arrange a workplace mediation?

Simply phone our office on 1800 011 128, where one of our friendly staff will walk you through the process.

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