Our purpose

We are dedicated to acknowledging, activating, and supporting the ongoing participation of First Nations people in the identification and sustainable management of unrest and disharmony in their communities.

We work in partnership with the community to support those most in need.

Our vision

Building safe, connected and empowered communities.

Our mission

We are a progressive and inclusive organisation that:

  • empowers people to determine their own outcomes
  • supports people to communicate effectively
  • improves social cohesion and community resilience
  • advocates and promotes the aspirations of those we service

Our underpinning principle

We do things ‘with’ people rather than ‘to’ or ‘for’ them.

Our values

Our values inform how we approach our charitable activities, how we work with one another, and how we work with our external partners.

  • Purposeful - we approach everything we do with purpose to achieve meaningful outcomes
  • Inclusive - we build strong, meaningful and sustained relationships
  • Thoughtful - we reflect on our experiences to inform all that we do
  • Courageous - we encourage healthy debate, differences of opinion and strive to have our voice heard

Ask a Question

Question? Reach out

Please feel free to reach out to us at anytime, one of our friendly staff will be happy to help.

1800 011 128



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