Our Board

Our Board sets the strategic direction and oversees the performance of the organisation.  It consists of 5 non-executive members:

  • the Chairperson (and Director); and,
  • four elected Directors

All Directors have a strong commitment to ‘building a safe, connected and empowered society’.

Directors receive no remuneration for their role on the Board.  They accept full responsibility for our governance, in accordance with Australian Corporations Law, and the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits legislation and community standards.

We regularly review the composition and performance of the Board to ensure it has an appropriate mix of skills and experience in order to operate effectively.

The First Nations Advisory Committee

Our Board works closely with our First Nations Advisory Committee.

The role of the First Nations Advisory Committee is to provide advice on culturally responsive best practice in alternative dispute resolution.  This advice helps to inform our remote peacemaking activities.  The Board must consider all advice provided by the Advisory Committee.

The First Nations Advisory Committee membership is limited to nine members, with no fewer than three members.  Committee members are remunerated for their time and expertise.

Meet the team

NTADR - Troy Degenhardt

Troy Degenhardt

Director | ADR Oversight and Implementation
Troy is an experienced dispute resolution practitioner and ADR industry leader.  He is passionate about acknowledging the rights of First Nations people in taking a practical and empowering lead in addressing both social and justice issues impacting upon them.  Troy has over 18 years experience in the design, implementation, and leadership of dispute resolution services for the public, private, and for-purpose sectors. 

Troy has held integral roles in the reform and improved delivery of both youth and adult restorative justice services in Queensland and the Northern Territory.  In 2019-20, he was Chair of the Restorative Youth Justice Conferencing Working Group in the Northern Territory and successfully drafted the Restorative Youth Justice Conferencing Framework, now endorsed by the Northern Territory Government.

With a strong focus on two-way learning, Troy continues to work with remote communities to activate and support the ongoing participation of First Nations people in the identification and sustainable management of unrest and disharmony in their communities through peacemaking initiatives.

Matthew Panayi

Director | Strategy and Social Impact
Matt is an experienced leader and advocate who is a passionate ally and accomplice with First Nations people in Australia in their fight for empowerment, self-determination, truth, treaty, and voice.  Matt is currently an MBA Candidate and Social Impact Hub fellow, and has held management and leadership roles in Government and Non-Government Organisations over the past 15 years.

Matt has over a decade of experience working with First Nations people and communities in Northern Australia as a senior lawyer and advocate.  He led NAAJAs participation in, and response to the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory before leading the design and implementation of significant youth justice reforms for the Northern Territory Government.

In 2019-20, Matt managed the contract and reform design for Restorative Youth Justice Conferencing for Territory Families, and held the position of Deputy Chair of the Restorative Youth Justice Conferencing Working Group.

NTADR - Director - WOOD.Johanna

Johanna Wood

Director | Learning and Development

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